The Company License to operate has expired and the Company has applied for renewal by the Water Services Regulatory Board (WASREB). As part of the process of getting the license, the Company held a license negotiation meeting with WASREB on 8th April 2021. As a legal requirement, the Company is required to hold a public consultation meeting.

This is therefore to notify the general public and our esteemed consumers of the License consultation meeting, which will be held on 24th May 2021. You are welcome to follow the proceedings virtually via our Facebook page starting at 10.00 am.

Break down of raini borehole pump

The borehole pump that supplies water to kiambaa village and parts of the senior-chief koinange area broke down on 16/2/18. The company is in the process of removing the pump and identifying the problem for repair. 

kindly bare with us as we undertake the repairs.